Before we begin with what you should be doing in Malaga, let’s run you through two main reasons as to why you should be visiting Malaga in the first place! First, Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol. Second and most interesting, it is the land where Pablo Picasso, the great artist was born! I think the second fact is more than enough for you to step into this beautiful place that’s a perfect blend of everything that makes a holiday memorable and perfect!

1. The Roman Theatre:

You have to visit the most ancient monument in the city – existing since almost 300 years, it was rediscovered in 1951. Since then, it has been a significant tourist attraction in Malaga.

2. Automobile and Fashion museum:

A place where both guys and gals have something that interests them! A beautiful display of vintage cars and fashion, this museum indeed has a lot of tales to tell!

3. Beaches:

Soak up in the beaches if Malaga – pristine stretches of serene land, that are sure to soothe and calm your mind

4. Ataranzas Market:

Known for fresh farm produce at takeaway prices, you will stumble across Ataranza Market on your tour through the city – and this is because of the beautiful stained glass window and glass canopy it boasts of!

5. Castillo de Gibralfaro:

This castle, a guarded fortress is worth giving a visit. It has been unwaveringly standing here since the past 2500 years and has a whole lot of historical events adding to its importance too.

6. Espetero:

Now this one’s not a place – it’s a very famous delicacy that Malaga is known for. And it’s not too complicated either – sardines roasted to perfection, with a dash of lemons to be washed down with a glass of white wine!

7. Casa Natal:

Coming to Malaga and not visiting this place will be sheer injustice to Malaga! You have to pay a visit to the place where Pablo Picasso was born and spent the formative years of his life.


8. Picasso Museum:

An entire museum dedicated to the pride of Malaga – Pablo Picasso and his mesmerizing works of art. You have to visit this place and immerse yourself in where Picasso has still managed to immortalize himself through his masterpieces!

9. Malaga Football Stadium:

If you visit this place anywhere between August to May, you will be treated to football matches that take place here every other week. In case you go out of season, you will still be treated to a tour of the stadium and a museum showcasing Malaga FC’s best players.


10. Feria de Agosto:

August is extra special in Malaga – it was taken on the 14th of this month which is why August is full of fun, frolic, flamenco, and revelry in Malaga! Nad, the city, is particularly decked up during this time of the year – you have to be here in August!

11. Golf courses:

Malaga is lined up with golf courses throughout – and if golf is your thing, you have a lot of scope to explore it here!

12. Cathedral of Malaga:

You have to visit this architectural marvel! And be sure to be mesmerized and stunned by the intricate detailing that has gone into the crafting of this beautiful cathedral.

13. La Concepcion Botanic Garden:

Spread over 25000 square meters, this garden is home to numerous plant species, around 2000 to be precise. And these plant species attract a number of birds too – so it’s like a bird and botanical park at the same time!

14. Malaga Port:

One of the oldest and still operational port in Spain, Malaga Port indeed gives you a pretty picture of what life by the Mediterranean feels like!

15. Bullring:

Some of the most prestigious bullfights are held in this historically famous Bullring during Easter annually. So catch up with some live action here!

Already set to travel to Malaga? Yay!!

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