Perhaps you are new to the sport of kayaking, or you just want a smaller kayak to add to your collection. Maybe you want to keep a kayak to have at your vacation home on the water. The thing is, you don’t want to spend too much money, right?

That’s why you should consider one of the best cheap kayaks on the market.

Take the Emotion Spitfire 12’ Tandem. This sit-on kayak offers some impressive features and better than expected performance, all at a great price.

Cheap and Fit for two…

But do you know what the Spitfire 12 Tandem’s best feature is? Well, the name is a giveaway, right. Yes, its made for two paddlers. And it can carry up to 500 pounds. So that’s two full-sized adults easily as well as some extras. Now that’s impressive!

And while it can carry two on the water easily enough, it’s not a massive kayak by any stretch of the imagination. Like many single seat kayaks, it comes in at 12 feet long and measures 35 inches across at its widest point. And with adjustable seats and a variety of molded feet rests, just about anyone can find their perfect paddle position.

Getting it from a vehicle to the water, or into storage after a hard day’s paddle is easy too. This kayak only weighs 38 pounds! This is amazing, especially for a two seater.

And how does it perform?

With the extra paddle power provided by a fellow paddler, you would think that tracking through the water might be a problem with the Spitfire 12. But Emotion has overcome that thanks to a large skeg which will help the kayak glide straight through the water. A tri-shaped hull also adds to the overall performance and helps the Spitfire 12 cut through the water with ease while remaining extremely maneuverable.

Its stability is also fantastic, an important fact when carrying two paddlers. Having two people paddle at the same time can cause some kayaks to be unstable, but the stability offered with the Spitfire is unmatched. All in all, this is an excellent all-round kayak that won’t let you down. It’s tough too, thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction. One minor complaint, the overall finish isn’t that great. It’s a little rough around the edges so to speak so I wouldn’t take this kayak touring or anything.

What does this cheap kayak have for extras?

Although it takes two paddlers, the Spitfire 12 even has some storage areas, both above and below deck. They aren’t huge but enough to keep your valuables safe, or perhaps some fishing gear, or a packed lunch. Paddles will be included from most stores where you purchase the Spitfire 12 from but if you prefer a little less water in your kayak, you are going to need to buy extra scupper plugs. These are used to drain out extra water that gets on deck. The seats are somewhat comfortable for a few hours, but I would plan for a day trip out on the water.

So if you looking for the perfect family kayak, something you can take away to your vacation down on the water, or even a kayak to teach someone how to paddle, Emotion Spitfire 12’ Tandem Kayak should be right near the top of your list. It’s cheap, with extreme stability on the open water and a real winner.


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