Matias Santa Canela

Year of creation of the company

Santa Canela is a coffee shop and creperie that opened in December 2015 on Tomás Heredia street. It currently has three workers plus its two partners Matías and Juan Pablo.

Why did you decide to assemble your business in the neighborhood?

We are located in Tomás Heredia street in the center of Soho, Malaga, because we believe in the projection and growth of the neighborhood, and we trust that in the future it will be established as a prolongation of the center with great traffic of people.

In these months the growth has been positive, we are striving hard to build loyalty to our customers, since we have a large part of the public, as well as tourists who walk through our streets.

What do you think that the soho project will contribute to your business?

We believe that the Soho and MAUS projects are creating more life in the neighborhood, although it is still necessary to expand the offer of shops and thus attract more visitors.