Antonio, jose luis, tane y jose Zen cultural

year of creation of the company

Zen Cultural opened its doors on September 1, 2014 on Calle Córdoba, opposite the Teatro Alameda. It is a private association of smokers, where associates can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and various cultural activities. It is a place where the law does not allow smoking.

Why did you decide to assemble your business in the neighborhood? Why

Soho is an innovative neighborhood, with a wide social coverage, where there is an exponential development that translates into the generation of new businesses, and businesses, where an increasingly specific audience comes.

What do you think the soho project will contribute to your business?

Well, we believe that the project gives a touch of modernity not only to the neighborhood, but to the entire city and, of course, to the businesses, businesses and associations that decide to settle here. All this will lead to a better social acceptance and of course to generate a more open society capable of adopting new trends.