If you’re heading to Spain for a vacation, don’t just stick to the cities you’ve heard about in movies. There are a number of inland and coastal cities that have countless things to offer. When it comes to great sites, a night of non-stop partying and enough history to fill up a travel guide, never mind Ibiza, head over to Malaga, Spain. Located just north of Gibraltar on Spain’s southern coast, this beach town is sure to have everything you need in a Spanish excursion.

When it comes to dining, there is no better place to get the best of both worlds. The inner city is filled with Michelin star restaurants and the outer banks, near the coast hold the homes of some of the best fishy street food you’ll find. Whether you want a taste of old Spain, or a new fusion of flavor in your mouth, there is no better place to wander during your late dinner hour than the streets of Malaga, and you’ll be guaranteed to be hungry after spending the entire day on your feet sightseeing, or on your back sun bathing.


The beaches of Malaga are a plenty, but two tend to stick out for locals and tourists, alike. Playa de la Malagueta is the beach closest to the center of the city. It’s the best spot for those that want to relax, but still can’t stand to stay still. Catch some rays, walk through the city, catch some more sun, and then back to the city for some historical guided tours or deliciously fresh seafood. Following that beach east several kilometers, you will come across Playa de Pedregalejo. Located near El Palo, the city’s oldest fish market, you are guaranteed to wind your day down with hot beach sun, cold Spanish beer, and fresh caught and cooked seafood.

From Malaga all the way down to Gibraltar, there are a number of guided tours available to absorb the rich history of the age old country. You can take bike tours, bus tours, or day-long walking tours all the way up the great rock of Gibraltar. Regardless of how you want to get around, there is sure to be a method to your madness. Start downtown and soak in all of the local history, and then branch out into all of the surrounding areas.


By far the best kept secret about Malaga is its nightlife. Considered one of the wildest nightlife spots in all of Spain, it’s still a rare known fact to people outside of the locals. The old town is alive with lights and music and is the hub for anyone looking to bar hop, club hop, fall in love, or all of the above. Order up a Tinto de Verano to cool down and keep the party going until the sun comes up!

No matter what your plans are, they can be met and made in the beautiful city of Malaga.

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